The LuchaCoin Series presented by FightKobraKai and RedArm:

Enter the Crypto Combat Arena and choose one or all of the world's very first Lucha Libre inspired NFT digital trading cards.

Meet the LuchaCoins that debut first in series 1. Known to some as the Pantheon, these bronze statues are reminscient of a classic age where true heroes had to rise up against much evil. Collect 3 or more to unlock the Trios Team NFT digital card. 

This Pantheon of LuchaCoin NFTs are cast in Bronze. As new additions are released to the LuchaCoin line up each series will feature a new look: from Bronze to Gold; from Gold to Live Colours; from Live Colours to Techno spread and who knows what else. What we do know if that this Pantheon will be the only Bronzed NFTs in the collection, ever. Forever ever, ever. 

Updates to the metadata will allow collectors, like you, to get a new drop that skins your LuchaCoin NFts in the new series set look every time there is a new drop. 

Check back for update or follow along in one of our obnoxious amounts of social feeds to catch the latest updates and drops. 

After purchase is confirmed, please allow up to 24 hours for delivery to your wallet.