The frequently asked question section is here because if you have a question to ask us at LuchaCoin NFT, then other people probably have the same question you did too. So as we receive questions we will add the answers here. Drop us your question in the form on our contact page here, gracias.

Can I find LuchaCoin NFTs anywhere beside this website?

Yes, absolutely. Check out our collection pages on opensea.io, the world's largest NFT marketplace here. As well, you can check our blog page or subscribe to the Luchacoin newsletter for updates about other NFT networks we are published on. 

Can I Buy a LuchaCoin NFT without cryptocurrency?

You could order the HD LuchaCoin files without using cryptocurrency and then transfer it to a crypto wallet once we have transferred the file and key to open it to you. However, we do recommend that you purchase your LuchaCoin in ETH, or other valid tokens accepted on our site, so that the smart contract providing you ownership can securely go directly to you. You'll still own the LuchaCoin and the metadata that comes with it.

NFTs are hard to access for the people who aren't super up to date with blockchain technology and transaction. If that's you, let us know and we will help out. We want to make this cool art form accessible for everyone to appreciate and join in on. 

How do I buy a LuchaCoin with my cryptocurrency tokens?

Just like any other order, add the LuchaCoin(s) to you cart and proceed to check out. Use the Pay with Coinbase option and use the token of your choice. 

Can I resell my LuchaCoin to another collecter?

Once you have purchased your LuchaCoin, you absolutely cas resell it to another collector. You can also trade, swap or gift your LuchaCoin.Follow the same steps and make sure you're sending to the right person though. Sadly we lost the infamous Abysmo Peso LuchaCoin by sending to the wrong address. He is lost forever...

How do I know that I'm buying a real LuchaCoin NFT and not a counterfit or fake one?

There is a lot of fraud and theft in the rapidly growing NFT space. If very important that you only purchase your LuchaCoin NFT from a verified source like Opensea.io. Unless the LuchaCoin comes from wallet EC12 which you can verify. If you see a LuchaCoin from another source please let us know so we can report it. Click here to see everything official from LuchaCoin. As well, look for the Verified Badge on OpenSea like the picture below for El Cadena NFT. We love working with Rarible, Foundation.App, Zora, Arkane and other great minting sites but always check OpenSea for confirmation that you are collecting an authentic LuchaCoin or LuchaCoin NFT collectible.