The New Face of El Cadena

The New Face of El Cadena

The LuchaCoin known as El Cadena (or, the Link) first appeared in the Crypto Combat Arena in 2017. Well known as a bridge between different fighting styles that he was able to link together from years of studios practice. Cadena has sought combat knowledge from many Oracles, Gurus and Warriors from the outside world and all of them claim him as the best pupil they have ever had. Reliable, trustworthy and patient. 

Concept created by FightKobraKai and built by the genius RedArm, El Cadena originally existed as an HD MP4 in bronze bust form from the Series 1, Pantheon. The original is still available on Zora for the savvy Not collector. This second manifestation of Cadena is an augmented reality file (GLB) so that the owner can place Cadena in the real world. It is symbolic that Cadena, based on ChainLink, is the first LuchaCoin to truly bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds of crypto combat and ours. 

There is much speculation about the value of ChainLink and justly, there is much speculation about how the Cadena NFT will grow. Currently he will be available as an HD video with a link to the supporting GLB file as well as AR ready directly on OpenSea. El Cadena is rigged with the ability to move and react and may just be the indicator that he will become game ready in the near future.As well, he boasts the first fluid background on the LuchaCoin series.Just as ChainLink has created a link between nets, El Cadena is the Link to LuchaCoins future.

Bridging the gap between wrestling/luchalibre collectibles and the emerging world of NFTs will continue to be a series of adaptations and exciting new releases. By now, RedArm and I hope that you, the audience, are starting to see our vision: upgradable NFTs that grow and change with the abilities of NFTs. These collectors items will be able to be handed down for generations and be updated with new technology along the way. A Never-Aging Artifact of Lucha history. 

Purchase El Cadena direct from OpenSea and receive the link and code to access the AR version in the unlockable content. 

For more amazing creations check out RedArmStudios on Foundation Here or on his website Here.