The Launch of LuchaCoin NFT

LuchaCoin NFTs

LuchaCoin is the world’s very first lucha libre digital trading card non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The iconic first series of 5, known as the Pantheon, feature bronze busts of blockchain inspired luchadores. Check them out at

The Creators
The pro wrestler known as Fight Kobra Kai is a Canadian born luchador. Wrestling professionally since 2002, this masked man brings authentic lucha and wrestling style to LuchaCoin NFT. Founder & Creator. RedArm Studios is VE supervisor and digital artist located in Vancouver, Canada. His unreal digital creations make for exciting and unprecedented new updates to the LuchaCoin NFT series. Founder & Designer.

Today & Tomorrow
The world of NFTs has exploded and now Vancouver has its very own NFT creators for the NFTs of tomorrow.

The Frontier of NFTs
A Canadian Team launches the first ever luchalibre digital trading cards
LuchaCoin NFT | the Creators | Today and TomorrowWhat is LuchaCoin NFT?
An NFT (non-fungible token) is a minted digital asset on the blockchain, typically digital artwork. For the last few years these NFTs had only really been accessible to the super crypto-savvy people of the world. Recently NFTs have been becoming more main stream with influencers like Logan Paul and Grimes bringing NFTs to the masses. Hang an HD screen on your we all and load up your NFT like hanging a modern day Mona Lisa. But LuchaCoin offers a lot more than just a pretty picture on your wall.

Inside of every LuchaCoin NFT hides the metadata; a redeemable gift for the purchaser/owner of the NFT and every owner thereafter. In the case of LuchaCoins, the collectors who have to have these hot NFT commodities, they will receive live RickShaw Wrestling event tickets, potentially a 3D printed bust of the LuchaCoin and unlimited new skins as each new series is released. The value to have series 1 with these unlimited upgrade drops into the metadata make them a collectors dream item.

Metadata, the ‘Drop’
We’ve heard a bit about what metadata in an NFT actually is. You get your bragging rights about owning the original just like any collector; you get the investment and appreciation, just like any other collectible; you can even win an actual experience with the creator of the NFT. But what do you get with a LuchaCoin?

- A ticket to a live Rickshaw Wrestling event
- A 3D printed bust of your LuchaCoin
- Unlimited style update drops for every new series.

The ‘drop’ into the metadata of LuchaCoin is a new concept unseen in the NFT world yet.
Series 1, the core 5 characters, are cast as bronze, animated 3D busts. They will be the only LuchaCoins to be cast this way.
Series 2 will have a new set of characters and a whole new skin. Series 1 will also have the new skin. Every new series will have a new skin and theme but only Series 1 will have all of the new looks!LuchaCoin Series 1, the Pantheon, features 5 original characters: Moneda, Etherios, Atar, Cadena & Kobra Kai. Each inspired by a blockchain cryptocurrency or network. With unique back stories and stories yet to be told, check out more at or the largest NFT network,

Do I need to own cryptocurrency to collect LuchaCoin?
The creators of LuchaCoin, FightKobraKai & RedArm, wanted to make sure that fans of lucha libre, wrestling and artwork don’t get left behind in the blockchain growth explosion. So for those crypto-savvy folk, go to OpenSea and collect direct. For those who aren’t there yet, visit where you can purchase and own your own LuchaCoin NFT. No crypto-wallet required. “Our goal is to share this awesome new art form, not horde it to ourselves’” says creator, Kobra Kai.

Featured above is the an Ethereum inspired technico of the Cryptocurrency Combat Areas, Rey Etherios. The Rey Etherios NFT is currently up for auction on the world’s largest NFT network, and includes the Bronze Cast Look, 3D video render, unlimited new skins as each new series is released, a front row Rickshaw Wrestling event ticket and an acyl 3D printed mini bust for the owner of the NFT to have and hold. Go to to see more from the creators.