LuchaCoin mints a sustainable future

LuchaCoin mints a sustainable future. 

LuchaCoin partners with TreeCanada in the first step to offset every NFT sold.

Today, LuchaCoin announced that it’s now an official supporting partner of TreeCanada, the only national non-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in rural and urban environments. Through their programs, research and engagement efforts, they’ve helped restore tree cover in areas hit by natural disasters, guided communities in managing their urban forests, supported over 700 schoolyard greening projects and organized urban forest conferences. To date, with their community partners and sponsors, they’ve planted more than 83 million trees.

Founded by Stevan Cvjetkovich and Angus Wakefield, sustainability and environmental responsibility has always been at the heart of LuchaCoin and the future sustainability of NFTs LuchaCoin has always sought to be transparent and wants to act as a blueprint for both future and current blockchain and tech companies, or indeed, for individuals who are looking to create NFTs themselves.

It’s currently unknown how much impact an NFT will have over its lifetime, however, companies like LuchaCoin are seeking to ultimately be carbon “neutral” or negative. By partnering with TreeCanada, LuchaCoin has taken the first step in striving to offset every NFT sold, and to create a more sustainable future for the environment. LuchaCoin has committed to continuing this partnership, to monitoring their carbon footprint and to planting more trees as more sales come through. 

Speaking on this, Stevan Cvjetkovich, Co-founder of LuchaCoin, says, “It’s easy to create art without thinking there would be much consequence. NFTs are different. From our first mint, we knew we had to strive to offset our carbon footprint, it’s something that was of extreme importance to us and the future of LuchaCoin. We couldn’t be prouder to take that first step with TreeCanada, knowing together we can create change. We hope that this encourages and educates other companies to think about how they can minimize their imprint on our environment, as we commit to lowering ours” 

LuchaCoin continues to break the mould for NFTs and has partnered with several pro-wrestlers to create art with an impact. This partnership with TreeCanda is the first step towards a more sustainable future for digital art.

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Written by:

Naomi Warren-Madeley


Stevan Cvjetkovich

  • LuchaCoin is partnering with Tree Canada to offset their CO2 emissions 1000 times over. 
  • First partnership of its kind. 
  • Seeks to act as a blueprint for blockchain and tech companies. 
  • More information available upon request.