BlockChamps NFT hits the marketplace!

Wrestling with NFTs

LuchaCoin NFT

A pro wrestler and a Visual Effects Artist walk into a bar and after a few drinks, LuchaCoin was born. Founded by Stevan Cvjetkovich (know to wrestling audiences as the masked luchador, Kobra Kai) and Angus Wakefield (creator of RedArm Studios) these two friends are the brains and braun behind an exciting line of digital collectibles know popularly as LuchaCoins.   

But LuchaCoin, the one of a kind luchalibre NFT phenomenon was just the beginning for this non-fungible token journey Kobra Kai and RedArm started. “We are always coming up with new ideas and talking with new, super talented artists about what we can do next,” says Kobra Kai. “Thats’s when we started talking to KBL,” he continues. KBL, a well know VFX artist herself, has started working with LuchaCoin on a new, secret NFT project under the LuchaCoin banner. 

“We realized that no-one, not even the big players like WWE, had figured this out yet,” and using his pro wrestling background, experience, connections and many friendships over the last 20 years, BlockChamps was in motion.

BlockChamps NFTs

BlockChamps is the very first NFT collection of its kind. What is sure to be as big a hit as LuchaCoin, or even bigger! Collectors of NFTs and wrestling memorabilia alike will be causing a frenzy this May when BlockChamps drops onto the NFT market. 

The premier release of BlockChamps features talented wrestlers from every major wrestling company: Gail Kim-Irvine, who started in WWE but went on to Impact fame, El Phantasmo from New Japan Pro Wrestling, Angelina Love the Ring of Honor Women’s champion, Allysin Kay former NWA Champion, Calamity Kate from Rickshaw Wrestling and the demon, FunnyBone from Las Vegas. This diverse and legendary line up is sure to turn heads and cause a stir. With wrestling companies and trading card NFTs asleep at the wheel, this first-to-market collector set is going to set the standard in the cross-over of NFTs and wrestling collectibles. 

The BlockChamps collection is not only the first authorized, wrestler owned NFT collection of all time but it also offers a unique redeemable gift in the metadata for the savvy collector. Each BlockChamps NFT owner will receive a social media shout-out from the pro wrestler themselves! 

Get a shout-out from a taping of Impact on Gail Kim-Irvine’s own twitter feed! Put your pinky up with Allysin Kay on a tweet! Get called ugly by Super J-Cup winner, El P on IG! Do you’re best not to tremble at Funny Bones FB post or blush bright red when Angelina Love sends you the winky emoji ;) 

This super limited collection only had 50 minted copies each. That means that only 50 lucky collectors will be able to hang a BlockChamps NFT on their wall and have the bragging rights to say they were first. 

The drop comes this Sunday, May 9, 2021. Check out or view the collection when it drops on, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. 

Special Thanks to Stevan Cvjetkovich, Angus Wakefield, Kelsie Lee Butterworth, Gail Kim, Kate Kroll, Angelina Love, Allysin Kay, FunnyBone and El Phantasmo. 

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